Mon. Oct 21st, 2019


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  • What’s Coming to Hulu in October?
    After a highly successful month of September, we can't wait to see what Hulu has in store for us in October! At the top of the list, since it's October would have to be Into The Dark: Uncanny Annie (10/4), Little Monsters (10/11), and Wounds (10/18). All Hulu originals and in the horror genre, although … Read more
  • What’s Coming to Amazon Prime in October?
    Amazon Prime had a huge hit with Undone last month, so we look forward to seeing what they release in October. What's receiving a lot of attention and anticipation is this year's hit movie, High Life, starring Robert Pattison, and the Amazon Prime original, Modern Love, which has stars such as Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, … Read more
  • What’s Coming to Netflix in October? Fall is here and Netflix is heating up. Goodbye September and hello October! Let's see what Netflix has in store for us next month. First, horror fans will be pleased with the line-up. Netflix will be premiering movies such as In the Tall Grass (10/4), Fractured (10/11), Eli (10/18) and Rattlesnake (10/25). But if you aren't a horror fan there are other … Read more
  • Is Miley Cyrus’s New Song ‘Slide Away’ About Her Recent Split With Liam? The song itself has a Lana Del Rey feel in the beginning for those who know what I am talking about. While watching the video, it is set in the aftermath of a house party with Miley dressed in a tight, luxurious, golden dress. From the way I see it, the song is about … Read more
  • What’s Coming to Amazon Prime in September?
    Amazon Prime had a huge summer hit with The Boys, so we look forward to seeing what they release this fall. Their latest original series being released in September is Undone. In this animated series, a young woman discovers her new power over time after she is involved in a car accident. Hopefully, this sci-fi … Read more
  • What’s Coming to Hulu in September?
    Goodbye August and hello September! Hulu is bringing us some great series premieres such as Wu-Tang: An American Saga, which shows the rise of the legendary pop group. Besides this, Hulu will also be concluding its monthly horror anthology, with Into The Dark: Pure. So Hulu fans, get ready to welcome in fall with everything … Read more
  • What’s Coming to Netflix in September? Summer is just about over. So as the weather cools, let's see what will be heating up the TV in September. From unrelenting Spartans to a man who speaks through his puppets, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And don't forget about the new originals that Netflix has been producing. So scroll down … Read more
  • Spidey say it aint so! – Spider-man leaves the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Negotiations between Sony and Disney (owner of Marvel Studios) have broken down, and this is bad news for the MCU. Apparently, Disney had requested a larger share of the pie in future Spider-Man movies, but Sony was happy with extending the currently existing agreement between the two companies. The request by Disney may have been … Read more
  • The Top 10 Best Comedy Movies of 2019 (So Far)
    Who doesn't like a good laugh? Unless you're an evil genius set on world destruction, chances are you like to laugh too. Well, here at Dailyreview.Media we've put together a list of the funniest movies released so far this year. So if you need to be cheered up, or you just want to laugh until … Read more
  • The Most Popular Shows on T.V. Right Now!
    In no particular order, we have listed the most popular shows on T.V., so far this year. Watching these will please the binge watching urge of any viewer. Some shows debuted years ago, while others are brand new as of this year. It includes supernatural beings, super heroes, ancient martial arts fighters, and serial killers. … Read more