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YOU Season 2 Is Hands Down Better, Creepier & Darker Than Season 1!

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First, let me just start by putting it down as raw as possible – a whole year’s wait for YOU Season 2 is definitely worth it! So, just in case you haven’t started with the second season yet, please do, I request and believe me, you’ll thank me later! But if you are okay with a but of a spoilers, please read on because otherwise this review may convince you to watch the show this weekend.


New Plot: 4/5
New Cast and Characters: 3.5/5
Climax: 4/5

YOU Season 2 Summary And Review

There aren’t always happy endings in real or reel life and YOU Season 2 is proof of that. The series’ second season’s first episode opens with Joe moving to LA (which is the real sin city) from New York with a hope to start over his life and career all over again. But like they say in the show, “It’s hard to have a fresh start when the past is on your mind.” But the past not only follows Joe aka Will Bettleheim in LA but also comes face to face. Yes, Candace is alive and Beck’s spirit is badly haunting Joe. But more than that, it’s the spirit of his mother who doesn’t leave him behind and makes him suffer more. Well deserved, you may be thinking?
I’d say don’t be too happy too soon, like always Joe has still got luck on his side in this season too. However, with a funny twist!

Joe and Love from You season 2

In season 2, Joe also meets Love Quinn (besides meeting his own self), a baker and chef of Anavrin, a famous cafe and predictably falls in love with her in no time too. To his surprise, Love turns out to be a woman of many colors and definitely someone he believes he is not worthy of having. Besides, there is Forty, the brat brother; Henderson, the pervert celebrity, Delilah and Ellie, the two bold sisters; and Finch, a cop on the move in this season too. Every character has an interesting part to play and the end of every episode will surely leave you in chills and with ‘Oh noo’!

All in all, YOU Season 2 is definitely worth a binge watch this weekend. So, just grab your popcorn and start with the show right away!

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