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There’s Much More To Confessions Of A Shopaholic Than Just Gucci & Prada!

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Unintentionally targeting mainly (only) women and girls or as perceived by the netizens, Confessions Of A Shopaholic is one heart warming realistic drama that didn’t get the praise it deserved. Especially on the internet, since there are so many mixed reviews. But hey! Here’s a super straightforward Confessions Of A Shopaholic review just like Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy’s characters in the movie.

First Impressions

The first ever time I watched this movie was online on Netflix and I loved it! It made me feel empowered and at the same time also a little sad because the harsh reality of not spending wisely while shopping had hit me.

The movie is shot majorly in New York along with some scenes in Connecticut and Florida. I won’t say much about the cinematography here since that’s not really my area of expertise but the narration is amazing. It just puts magic into the words that come around from both Rebecca Bloomwood and Luke Brandon. Besides, the idea of moving mannequins is way too good.

But there’s much more to Confessions Of A Shopaholic than just highlighting the fancy that brands like Gucci, Prada, and Burberry are. The film indirectly tries to bring the focus to fiscal responsibility but doesn’t succeed too well. However, thank The Girl With A Green Scarf aka the intellect version of Rebecca Bloomwood that not only puts forth an amazing angle to APR store cards and fiscal responsibility but also describes it in words all financial journalists have failed to do so far.

rebecca bloomwood sitting outside her closet

The storyline is pretty basic about bringing one back to reality while highlighting the desires of a 25-year old. Besides, the idea of falling in love and how you can only make it thrive through honesty is another little serious point that the film tries to make.

The Bottom line

The movie is not one of the best in its genre but I would definitely say it’s a 3.5 on 5 and deserves one watch in every few years, especially if you are a Shopaholic or are struggling in your career. It highlights how there’s always a way to reach your goals and make your dreams come true without always following the planned path. The acting is realistic and top-notch. Rather, I feel it is one of Isla Fisher’s best performances. Need I say more? Although, I still fail to understand why the internet dislikes the movie so much. I believe Confessions Of A Shopaholic in a funny chick flick rom-com trying to inspire people in the most creative and realistic way. (Please watch it if you still haven’t!)

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