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Falling Inn Love Is A New Cliché RomCom For The Modern-Day Lovers

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It’s true that most romcoms have a pretty predictable ending. Nevertheless, some of us enjoy watching them time and again. While Falling Inn Love is not exactly a romantic flick that you would want to watch again, it is surely a movie that would give you the much-needed pep talk indirectly in that one-time watch.

Released recently on Netflix, Falling Inn Love stars Christina Milian, Jeffrey Bowyer, and Adam Demos in the lead role. Christina who plays the role of Gabriela, an ambitious girl from San Francisco is facing too many lows at the same time with both her job and her relationship with Dean. Her world takes a turn when she suddenly wins a gorgeous seeming inn in New Zealand. Her long voyage to NZ takes her to a beautiful countryside where she not only discovers her dreams and makes them come alive, but also finds true love and friendship.

From showcasing the bliss of living in the countryside to how love can fix everything that’s broken, Falling Inn Love sends across some really important and beautiful messages for the modern day lovers and the youth in general.

Jake and Gabriela on the stairs

The movie has a cliché and predictable storyline but in spite of that it succeeds to keep one hooked till the end. That’s the refreshing take we all need in our monotonous bizarre routine. And throughout its 90 minutes, it never makes one feel like it’s dull or being dragged.

If you’re looking for a modern day romcom, this could be it. If not anything else, this movie will surely not make you regret. So, hold the second though and stream it right away before you have all those mixed reviews pouring in on the internet. However, if you have watched it already, do let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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