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My First First Love Is A Truly Realistic Romantic Drama Series

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South Korea’s got its power over love and all things romantic and it’s pretty evident through its shows. After watching Love Alarm, another recommendation that popped on to my Netflix feed was My First First Love. Starring amazingly great looking actors, this Korean series puts forth the realistic idea of love and liking someone.

To be honest, I felt that the show started at a pretty slow pace. The first couple of episodes which are around 40 to 50 minutes were spent only in introducing the characters and settling in the storyline. However, it was a little later that I realized why that was important. There’s no single protagonist in My First First Love. Whether its Tae-O or Han Song-i or Do-Hyeon or Choe or Ga-rin, every character in the show has its own importance and role to play. Everyone is facing different sets of highs and lows in life, and staying abreast of everyone’s background is essential.

oh garin choe do-hoyeon song-i and tae-o aise all together

The plot is not complicated which makes it a great story to understand and relate to as well. Tae-O gets his grandpa’s house as a gift on his birthday and is joined later by three of his friends who move in for sometime. Each one of them experiences the magic of love, friendship, and everything else in between while living together.

As of now, the show has two seasons with around eight to nine episodes, and the third one might just be on its way. To put it down clearly, you don’t have to invest too much time for binge watching this one. It’s easily available on Netflix in both Korean and English audio & subtitles.

If you’re looking for a new show to tick off, watch this one. To give an honest My First First Love review, I’d say that it is a perfect blend of emotions and drama, and your journey of watching this show will nonetheless be a roller coaster ride.

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