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‘Top 3 Not Your Typical Disney Movie Fairytales’

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1. Mulan

This movie had to have been the best Disney movie I have seen yet. This movie shows a lot of woman power and honor. It’s based in China, during some sort of battle against the bad guys. Because of tradition, only one male in each family were to be drafted for this battle. However, Mulan’s father was much older and not as stable, so Mulan cut off her hair and snuck out to join them. Long story short, she struggled through the training, however they won because of her and she fell in love.

2. Beauty And The Beast

A classic but yet is also not your typical damsel in distress type of movie. It’s about this daughter who takes her fathers place in the dudgeon of the Beast’s castle. He trespassed by accident and Belle took is place to save her father. Time goes by and the Beast starts to catch feelings for Belle and she did too. However the beast was actually a man but was cursed and him and everyone in the castle turned into an object but he turned into a beast. However, belle was his key to turning back because it was true love that they had for each other.

3. Frozen

This movie has been an all time favorite for many little girls. Of course there’s princesses involved but like Mulan and Beauty And The Beast, Frozen is not your typical fairytale. It’s about these two princesses whose parents died on a shipwreck and basically grew up with only each other and maids. However the eldest sister had ice powers, and basically throughout the movie she was figuring herself out and then her sister was frozen and her sister was her true love when she hugged her. It’s a little complicated but makes sense when you watch it.

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