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Love Alarm: The New-Age App Romance That’ll Help You Learn A Lot About Love & Life

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Love Alarm aka JoAlarm is a South Korean romantic teen show that is also a perfect binge watch for adults. Starring Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang in the lead roles, Love Alarm revolves around a world where everyone is too busy ringing this new app that alerts a person if someone in the vicinity of 10 meters loves them.

While all this seems too fascinating at first, bits of the same world come crashing by when the app reveals some harsh truths. Meanwhile, Kim Jojo struggles with her personal adversities and the world that’s ringing by.

Love Alarm Review: First Impressions

The storyline is hands down amazing. Given our dependency and addiction towards technology and all kinds of easy-to-sell apps in this modern world, we often forget to look deep down into our emotions and gather our wits to confess what we feel. Love Alarm shows exactly that and much more. From how you need to get up and smile every time you fall in life to how you should never give up on love because of some random app, there are a lot of beautiful messages out there.

Kim Jojo and Han Jyeong in school medical room

As far as the direction and cinematography are concerned, they are way too good to keep you hooked for long. I watched one episode after another and just didn’t feel like pausing. Of course, a lot of that credit goes to the plot and the acting too.

However, am more than half way through this new Netflix Korean show and all I can say is that you must watch this show. If you’re not a hopeless romantic, watch it for the future to come and how one technologically advanced wave can bring about a lot of changes into our lives. Trust me, you won’t regret!

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