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17 Again Is Too Dull To Be Funny. Agree?

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Well, I watched 17 Again hoping that it would be just as funny as Matthew Perry’s Chandler character in FRIENDS. Boy was I wrong? Very! Starring Zac Efron, Matthew Perry, and Leslie Mann, 17 Again revolves around the old time cliché of reforming the wrongs done in the past.

The movie begins with Matthew living a life as harsh as one could imagine at the age of 40. His wife is about to divorce him and his kids take no interest in considering him a good father. Now instead of making real-time amends, Mike aka Matthew longs to go back in time and undo his decision. Basically, Mike used to be this popular over talented Basketball champ in high school who was totally in love with his girlfriend. Things took a sharp turn when she got pregnant and he had to leave everything to get married to her.

Zac efron in school

So coming back to the main point, I strongly felt that the storyline itself was too dull and way basic to be dramatic. A spark of great yet subtle humor and emotions was missing throughout the movie and I could feel the absence strongly. The acting, however, was hands down good. Although, the movie should have had more of Matthew Perry. So, if a mystery like how Mike goes back in time and gets his wish granted of changing a few decisions entice you, watch this movie. Else, don’t. Trust me, you would want to do or watch something better in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Have you watched 17 Again? Did you find it funny or do you agree with me that it’s too dull to be funny. Well if you fall in the former category, please do leave a comment below telling me what tickled you the most. Because I would genuinely want to know what humor was it in this movie that I so miserably failed to spot throughout.

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