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‘Top 5 Songs From Lana Del Rey’

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1. Blue Jeans

This masterpiece of a song was written about her ex-boyfriend who looked very similar to James Dean who was a famous american actor. This song along with her other first creations became the foundation of her fame.


2. Summertime Sadness

Blue Jeans may have been her stardom to her career, but Summertime Sadness was the rise to her fame. Summertime Sadness was dedicated to her best friend who sadly took her own life. Hints the title of the song which raked up to radios top billboards.


3. Born To Die

This song hits hard with it’s 70’s vibes and more chill kind of effect it gives. Her message in this song pushes across as living wild and free. Which in a few other songs of Lana Del Rey, she states living on the edge a lot.


4. Young and Beautiful (The Great Gatsby)

This song was actually created for the the movie The Great Gatsby soundtrack. The music video alone is absolutely stunning with her hair made for the 1920’s and her long black dress, with an orchestra in the background. Definitely a beautiful song!


5. Doin’ Time

Last but not least, which is actually Lana Del Rey’s latest song and it’s grabbing a lot of attention. Again keeping with the 60’s-70’s vibe, she sings about an unfaithful man but still finds a way to have a good time. Her new music video actually just shows that!


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