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Is Bird Box The Most Chilling Drama Thriller Till Date?

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Let me be honest, all the spooky and ghostly movies are on one hand and sending chills down your spine Bird Box on another. With a run-time of about two hours, the movie leaves you hooked till the end waiting for revelations that don’t really unfold.

Bird Box Review

The storyline of Bird Box is beyond impeccable. Truly, nothing you would have seen so far. A few mysterious shadows take over the city killing people by pulling them either towards their darkest fears or weakest moments.

The direction as per me is pretty decent too and so is the cinematography. A few scenes of the movie really leave you with goosebumps and baffleness.

However, it’s Sandra Bullock in the protagonist role who comes out as a strong force in the film. Doing the opposite of what she always hated in life, she runs against time and of course the mysterious shadows to save her kids from dying with a simple blindfold. The acting in general is quite realistic and great too.

sandra bullock with kids

However, there are points of time in the movie that could make you feel it’s being slow. Well, that could also be because of your impatience to find out what’s leading the mysterious black force.

Bird Box’s story is pretty similar to the struggles and fears of life. We live with a perception that facing them directly could lead us to doom. Maybe the underlining thought of the movie is nothing but psychological battles that everyone in the modern society fears.

Be what it may, you have got to spare 120 minuta of your day and watch Bird Box on Netflix. Believe me, you will not regret! But just in case you have watched it already, do make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m all ears!

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