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Ed Sheeran’s Beautiful People Is The Powerful Song We All Needed This Year!

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We have all grown up fancying beauty and fame like they were the only award worth winning in life. But while we kept ourselves busy running after them, Ed Sheeran followed us with a powerful message in his latest album release. A part of No. 6 Collaborations Project, Beautiful People is nothing less than a beautiful song sung by Ed Sheeran and Khalid.

While the song has amazing vocals, it somewhere lacks the rhythms and beats that Sheeran’s old songs have. Nevertheless, the song has a powerful message for all of us to look beyond the fame and just be who we are. But on a very serious and honest note, the song is not the only one of its kind. Try by Colbie Caillat sends out a similar message but specifically to young girls and women.

ed sheeran khalid in a jeep

Irrespective of that, I feel that there’s still something about the song that makes it feel like a breath of fresh air in today’s world of rock and remixes. Not to forget, the chaos of stress too. Here’s a beautiful excerpt from the song:

“Beautiful people
Drop top, designer clothes
Front row at fashion shows
‘What d’you do?’ and ‘Who d’you know?’
Inside the world of beautiful people
Champagne and rolled-up notes
Prenups and broken homes
Surrounded, but still alone
Let’s leave the party.”

Besides, I feel you should put your judgement specks aside, put your headphones on, and listen to this latest song by Ed Sheeran.

Hey! Yes you! Have you heard Beautiful People or any other song from No. 6 Collaborations Project yet? If yes, please tell me in the comments below because honestly I’m always on the lookout for refreshing music to add to my playlist. If not, come on, what are you still doing here? Go press play on Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran and Khalid.

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