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Her New Song ‘Lover’ Brings Us Back To The Taylor Swift We Once Known and Loved

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Her new song Lover is not a typical type of music she produces like her recent songs. This songs shows a more sentimental side of Taylor but still keeping her colorful aspects in her videos.

The video starts out with a little girl opening up her present during Christmas time. Most of the music video was screened inside her present which was a house inside a snow globe. The house in a way reminded me of the TV show The Brady Bunch with all the rooms. Throughout the video it shows Taylor and a man A.K.A. her lover in a series of events in each room in the house.

While listening to the actual song, it remind me of the type of music you would play during a slow dance or a wedding. I liked this song because it wasn’t just another break-up song that she usually makes. Towards the end of the song the shot shows the little girl’s face and in the video that was her daughter. I would definitely listen to the song if your a Swifty fan, it will warm your heart.

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