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Game Over: All About The Psychological Thriller & If It’s Worth A Watch Or Not!

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I was spending a very relaxing weekend when a close one recommended me to watch Game Over. At first, I thought it’s some American drama or mystery but to my surprise, it turned out to be a trilingual movies and one of of the finest ones in the Indian cinema till date.

Game Over stars Tapsee Pannu as the protagonist female who plays the role of a gamer who has nyctophobia and an undefying attachment with solitude. The movie unfolds and unveils a few mysteries majorly in the second half revealing a couple of things and leaving a few still covered up.

The movie is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and can also be switched to English on Netflix. (Not quite sure if it’s available on other online stresming channels.)

Game Over Review – First Impressions

Well, the direction is phenomenal and so is the background score. It keeps the thrill ticking and of course has the power of keeping anyone hooked on to their seats till the end.

tapsee pannu in wheelchair

The acting is way too natural. There will be times, a lot actually, where you’d feel like it’s too realistic to be a movie. On the other hand, there are also scenes that will make you feel like what the fuck is happening?! Well, that’s the beauty of Game Over. It messes up with your mind, shakes up your soul, and makes you question your fears.

Last But Not The Least

While it’s not a horror, the psychological paranormal scenes in the movie will give you a few chills. I, honestly, love watching horror movies alone but while watching this one, I didn’t want my mother to leave me alone in the dark. Afterwards, I was absolutely fine.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll get the movie too easily but if you’re not or an amateur one like me, you’d have your doubts even after the movie ends. Good thing or bad, you decide.

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