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Finding Nemo Is The True Old Gold And Here’s Why You Can Watch It Over & Over Again

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Animation in movies has long been synonymous with Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. One after another, the two have produced great movies till date but the net level awesomeness came in a small packet with Finding Nemo. What probably looks like a kiddish flick from the outside is a true gem from the inside.

From the direction to graphics and from the background music to dialogue delivery, everything in freaking awesome in Finding Nemo. The movie instills emotions, has a good humor, and an everlasting cute drama that will keep you hooked to your seat till Marlin the dad meets Nemo his son.

marlin and dory

The movie opens with a gorgeous view of the Great Barrier Reef (the same which we have destroyed pretty much) where Marlin and Coral, his wife are seen talking about their new home and the heartwarming wait for their new kids. While it’s just a movie, the great thing about it and the overwhelming storyline is that it engaged you with it. Whether it’s the shark eating Coral or Nemo being taken away with the boat, every scene will make you feel heavy in the chest. That’s the beauty of this Oscar-winning animated underwater adventure.

With a perfect run time of an hour and forty minutes, Finding Nemo makes you feel at home. It’s not just worth one watch but can be streamed time and again. With beautiful messages like having faith in your loved ones is the key to building a stronger relationship and doing whatever it takes to save your loved one from the wrath or negativity of the world, it is a movie that not just kids but even adults must watch.

What are your thoughts about Finding Nemo? Do let me know in the comments below because I’d love to chit chat about this animated marvel.

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