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SUITS Is The Only One Of Its Kind And You Gotta Watch It!

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An all time favorite of possibly everyone who spends more time online than studying or working, Suits is the ultimate drama. The show stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, and a few others, all of whom are hands down the brilliant actors from the states.

The show revolves around a law aspirant without a degree, Mike Ross who accidentally makes it to one of the top firms of New York after being hired by the popular Harvey Specter. A lot comes rolling down the hills when the truth unfolds along with the numerable cases that Mike and Harvey work on together. A prodigy of Harvey, Mike gets his way through anywhere and anything but the wind changes direction when an old acquaintance from his past shows up.

harvey in a party

The plot of Suits along with the nitty gritties involved makes it a spectacular show of this era. The show not only portrays New York’s law but also showcases the beauty of its justice. If at all, you are looking for a show that helps you with intellectual stimulation, this is what you need to press play on.

The charm of Suits and all of its characters like Loud Litt and Donna is absolutely unmatchable. If there’s a show that can take you on a roller coaster of mixed emotions, it is this. So, don’t wait up! Watch the show if you haven’t already because it’s a clear 4 out of 5. To be honest, it would feel a little slow or dragged at times, but every bit of it adds value to the whole beauty of the show.

Have you watched Suits yet? If yes, do let me know in the comments below what you think of this famous American drama and which is your favorite character amongst all. Mine is, well, Harvey all the way!

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