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Marlon Wayans Plays SIX Characters In His New Film ‘Sextuplets’

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Do I have a Family?

Alan (Marlon Wayans) thought he had it all with a good job, a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. However there was something lingering in the back of his mind and he always wanted to know who his family was. When his father-in-law gave him his documentations of his family members, he knew he had to go out and find them.
With less than a week of his new baby’s arrival, his wife told him to go and find his other siblings. When he got to his mother’s house she wasn’t there but one of his new found brother was there. After that the two brothers went out to find the other four siblings. After $10,000 worth of bail money, a car and a kidney later, Alan was starting to think that his family was not worth meeting. With the baby on the way in less than a day, Alan was determined to go home.
As he walked out with one less kidney, due to a mistake in medical papers that were suppose to go to his other brother. Alan walked out there with one less kidney and was then kidnapped by a swat team. When the kidnappers took the bag off his head, he met his last sibling who was a worker for the Pentagon. After his last brother was threatening to shoot him, their mother walks in. She told them that she had to give her babies up because she was a young single mother who was barely just getting. Both the brothers were shocked and reunited with everyone.
Then Alan got a call from his wife telling him she’s in labor and his brother gave him his car to take. After the baby was born all siblings and the mother were reunited at the baby’s party and were once again a family. This movie was a comedy with Marlon Wayans, playing as all six siblings with completely different personalities. I enjoyed the film and would definitely watch it on a slow day.
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