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The Top 10 Best Comedy Movies of 2019 (So Far)

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Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Unless you’re an evil genius set on world destruction, chances are you like to laugh too. Well, here at Dailyreview.Media we’ve put together a list of the funniest movies released so far this year. So if you need to be cheered up, or you just want to laugh until you cry, then scroll down to see which movies you may have missed to watch.

#10 Stuber

An Uber driver named Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) is unexpectedly thrown into the middle of a battle with bad guys, when he picks up a passenger (Dave Bautista) who is a cop. This passenger just happens to be chasing a brutal killer.

#9 Yesterday

Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is trying to succeed as a singer-songwriter in a small English town but finds his dreams rapidly fading. A freak accident changes all of this, and he wakes up in a place where the Beatles never existed. This gives him the opportunity of a lifetime.

#8 Good Boys

A 12-year-old boy named Max (Jacob Tremblay) doesn’t know how to kiss. He seeks guidance from his friends Thor (Brady Noon) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams). The boys use different techniques to help Max which leads them into multiple misadventures.

#7 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth feature film takes place in 1969 Los Angeles where being a hippy is groovy. Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), is a former star of a western TV series, who has a close relationship with his longtime stunt double, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). They struggle to make it in a Hollywood while Rick has a famous neighbor named Sharon Tate.

#6 Always Be My Maybe

Sassha and Marcus were childhood sweethearts who had a falling out 15 years ago. They have not spoken with each other since then, but reconnect later in life. They run into each other in San Francisco while Sasha is a celebrity chef who is opening a restaurant, and Marcus, is a struggling musician still living at home.

#5 Booksmart

Two best friends realize that they have missed a lot, the night before they graduate high school. They decide to make up for lost time by having one night of pure fun.

#4 Long Shot

A free spirited journalist named Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) is known for always finding trouble. His old babysitter and childhood crush Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is now one of the most successful women in the world, and they happen to reconnect. She hires him to work for her as she runs for president, and their relationship leads them into multiple humorous ordeals.

#3 The Art of Racing in the Rain

A loving tale about an intelligent and charismatic dog named Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner). He has a close bond with his owner, Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia), who is also a Formula One race car driver. The film follows Denny, his wife, Eve (Amanda Seyfried), their daughter Zoe (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), and of course his best friend, Enzo.

#2 Blinded By the Light

The year is 1987, and Javed, a music enthusiast, is changed forever when he discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen. Now he seeks to escape from his small Pakistani hometown, and spread his wings like The Boss.

#1 The Farewell

In a Chinese family, a secret kept from grandma leads to a younger member struggling to hide the secret. Grandma only has a little time left to live, and the family does not let her know. They also plan a last minute wedding gathering.

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