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The Most Popular Shows on T.V. Right Now!

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In no particular order, we have listed the most popular shows on T.V., so far this year. Watching these will please the binge watching urge of any viewer. Some shows debuted years ago, while others are brand new as of this year. It includes supernatural beings, super heroes, ancient martial arts fighters, and serial killers. If this isn’t interesting enough for you, then just go read a book.

The Boys (2019)

Vigilantes seek to take down evil humans, who just happen to have super powers.

Euphoria (2019)

A view at the lives of high school students as they struggle with conflicts that involve drugs, sex, and violence.

Stranger Things (2016)

A boy disappears so his mother and friends must contend with supernatural forces to bring him back home.

Mindhunter (2017)

Two FBI agents interview serial killers so they can solve cases in the 1970s.

The Handmaid’s Tale (2017)

A woman is forced to be a concubine in a dictatorship, in the future.

Money Heist (2017)

Set in Spain, a group of thieves pull off the best robbery in history.

Glow (2017)

A look into the lives of female professional wrestlers in the 80s.

Another Life (2019)

A crew of astronauts must travel through the galaxy to discover the secrets of an alien space craft.

Game of Thrones (2011)

Nine dynasties fight over control of the land, while an ancient evil emerges.

Wu Assassins (2019)

A simple chef is chosen to be the Wu Assassin and defeat the evil Wu masters.

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