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Netflix’s ‘Wu Assassins’ Review

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Wu Assassins is a thrill ride that shows us the ancient arts of a Wu Assassin. There is a good combination of storytelling, fight scenes, and supernatural arts. At times, I’ll admit, I was slightly confused with the story line, but the kick-ass action scenes made up for this. Besides this, I learned that there is a China Town in San Francisco, which I never knew before.

“I’m a chef” are the words we hear the Wu Assassin give as a reply at the end of the opening scene in the first episode. Right there, I knew I was going to enjoy watching the rest of this series. So far, I have seen three episodes of Wu Assassins, and have no intentions of stopping. Every episode so far has had fight scenes that are at the major motion picture level, and I enjoy watching some good a@# kicking.

The series stars Iko Uwais, who is also a renowned martial artist and movie star. Uwais plays a Chinatown chef who is given the powers of the Wu Assassins by a mysterious woman, who comes from the realm between heaven and Earth. He is “the chosen one” who is tasked with defeating the evil Wu. He is chosen because of his pure heart. A man who goes by the name of Uncle Six, has taken Kai and three of his friends under his wing. The only problem is that Uncle Six (Byron Mann) is an evil gangster, with his own supernatural power, the fire, and Kai wants nothing to do with this life. The Wu Assassin is tasked with defeating all of the Wu masters, and taking back the ancient powers that they received long ago.

Wu Assassins is an action packed martial arts series, that keeps the viewer entertained throughout. The fight scenes are on par with sequences you might see in John Wick or a Jean Claude film. As I continue to watch the series, I do not want to give away too much information. All I can say is, if you haven’t watched Wu Assassins yet, you should.

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