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‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Movie Review

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The Curse of La Llorona is a brutal story about a cursed woman who then terrorizes future children and families, as a sinister spirit. As part of the Conjuring franchise, La Llorona adds in some details to help explain some of the other movies. Although not as frightening or entertaining as other movies in the franchise, it does contain some great acting from its lead role, Anna Tate-Garcia, played by Linda Cardellini. With this in mind, it is a movie worth watching, if you are already a fan of the Conjuring universe.

The movie begins by explaining the beginning of the cursed woman who the locals refer to as “The Weeping Woman” or La Llorana. Set in 1673 Mexico, we watch as a mother drowns her two children in a fit of jealous rage against her unfaithful husband. This leads her to becoming a sinister spirit, who is determined to find other children to kill…go figure. Next, the movie fast-forwards to 1973 Los Angeles, where we meet Anna, the social worker whose actions lead to La Llorona eventually attacking her own children.

Anna intervenes in a case where she believes a disturbed woman, Patricia Alvarez (Patricia Velasquez) has been abusing her two sons. Yet, the mother has not been abusing her children. Instead, she has been trying to save them from the “Weeping Woman.” Due to Anna’s involvement, the evil spirit kills both of Patricia’s children, which leads to the distraught mother sending La Llorano after Anna’s son and daughter. Then we watch multiple scenes of the spirit attacking children and mother, and the family seeking help from the church. The church cannot help, but the local priest sends Anna to a non-orthodox healer to help. Rafael Olvera (Raymond Cruz), the ex-priest, now turned faith healer, uses his trinkets and knowledge to fight the roaming evil spirit. A climatic struggle between La Llorona and the family with ex-priest cumulates near the end of the movie.

As a fan of other Conjuring movies, I found The Curse of La Llorona to be a bit less enticing. The story makes sense, the lead actress is excellent, but the presentation is lacking. Yes, there are suspenseful scenes, and some jump scares, but it’s a movie that would have probably fared even worse, if it had not been connected to the Conjuring franchise.

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