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Lana Del Rey Features In Yet Another Movie:’Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’

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I have always been a big fan of Lan Del Rey, with her Indie music and 70’s vibe. She is a very accomplished artist and her music is being featured in many hit movies. She’s been featured in The Great Gatsby, Maleficent, and her newest one Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.

In her new song for the newest movie called Season Of The Witch, well she talks about the season of the witch. I have also watched the movie and to say the least I thought the movie would be much scarier. When in fact it really had more of a gory version of Goosebumps.

I would recommend listening to her newest song especially around Halloween time. The song definitely shows 70’s influenced type of music in which the movie itself was based around at the time. Which honestly made Lana Del Rey a perfect candidate for the end credits music.

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