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Quentin Tarantino Does It Again In His New Film ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

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Based On True Events

If you don’t know the history behind Charles Manson then you might want to check him out before watching this movie. The time era in the movie dates back to 1969, were the infamous Manson family massacre acquired with the death of Sharon Tate and others. However, this movie had a very rewarding twist at the end and I was pleasantly surprised.

My Career Is Over

Cliff Booth(Brad Pitt) and Rick Dalton(Leonardo DiCaprio) were both into film and Cliff was Rick’s stunt man. As time goes on Rick’s career was gradually going into shams and was in desperate need to gain his popularity back. He told Cliff that he had to go and act in Italian films which he wan’t happy about. Later on, Cliff encounters a hitch hiker who was founded to be one of the many girls in Charles Manson’s family. She directed him back to her place which lead into a brawl with a hippie man who slashed his tire. Cliff beat him up and ordered him to fix his tire. Charles was then informed of this and he wanted revenge.

A Night To Never Forget

Charles Manson and three other girls of his cult had a plan to kill the celebrities. In real life “Flower Girl” was the getaway driver but in the movie she chickened out and drove off with the car leaving Charles and the two other girls alone in the neighborhood. That didn’t stop them and Charles stated that these celebrities taught us how to kill and we should use that. In real life Sharon Tate was brutally killed and was pregnant, however in the movie she was safe behind gates. This movie had a major twist as Cliff smashed a Manson girl’s face down with a dog food can and Rick flame torched the other girl. As well as Charles Manson himself being brutally injured by the dog and Cliff.

And A Way We Go

The movie ended on a good note which the audience and myself loved. However, because of this horrible time in history, people began to lock their doors and trust was becoming slim. However, I really liked how Tarantino put a happy ending at the end of the movie, because many were expecting different.


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