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Nappily Ever After Is The Inspiration We All Need In Today’s Pressure-Building Modern Society

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Living in the modern society comes with a lot of ifs and buts. It’s not easy to settle in irrespective of how deep your pockets are and the Netflix original ‘Nappily Ever After’ is a testimony to that. With a run time of one hour and thirty eight minutes, this women-centric (majorly) movie will take you through a roller coaster of ups and downs that a girl faces right from her teen years to her adolescent stage in order to keep everyone impressed around her.

violet jones looking in the mirror

Starring Sanaa Lathan, Ricky Whittle, and Lynn Whitfield, Nappily Ever After is a story of all of us. Violet, a successful ad executive is a perfectionist dating Clint, who is totally head over heels for her. Living under the impression that he admired her only for her beauty and perfectionism, Violet has to stay prim and proper even during the bedtime because of which she often fails to enjoy the true romance of a relationship. But life is a full circle and all realizations come to her well in time. When at a salon, Violet faces an accident with her hair, she decides rather realizes that it’s time to be herself, live truly every moment to the fullest. But is she still appreciated? Not really. Yet she fights back and makes a place for her that she deserves.

Now while you may hate me a bit for revealing the storyline, let’s find the good in the bad here. The movie with a rather relatable plot and brilliant acting has in store a lot of lessons for all of us. How we dress, how we do our hair, and where we go are absolute choices to be made by us ourselves. The fear of what will the people think and will they still love us like they do right now are questions of waste. If you still find it hard to believe, the first thing you should do right away is leave this review and start watching the movie. Believe me, a lot will change after that, for good.

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