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Have You Played Psych! Yet? If Not, Run It Right Away

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While some of us are too much into virtual and battlefield gaming, others have all the craze for the addictive app games. So, if you fall in the latter category, go ahead, scroll and read on! It’s finally time you get over your addiction of Temple Run, Razzle, or Candy Crush, and take a break from Asphalt. The reason? Well, Psych! is THE GAME waiting for you to install it. The best part? You’d never get bored of it.

A game deviced for a group of friends to outwit your friends by Warner Bros, Psych! offers a multitude of decks to pick from. For instant, you choose Movie Bluff. Psych! will then post a question and all of you will have to share your witty responses. Although, the games starts after you setting up your personal profile and uploading a fun psyched picture.

fake answers in Psych!

How does it work exactly? How does someone win? Well, the game begins when everyone joins the group with the given code. The creator of the game picks a deck. For instance, you choose ‘And The Truth Comes Out’ deck. Immediately after your friends join the game, everyone will get the same question about one of the players in the group. Each member will have to share their witty answer about the respective friend and then vote for the right or the most fun answer at the end. The answer with the maximum votes bring the player who posted it on the top. Might sound too cliché or unusual, but trust me it’s the most fun game to play with your gang.

Whether it’s a one day picnic, a long trip, or a short journey, Psych! will help you bond with your friends like never before. Also, it may get you rolling with laughter on the floor if your friends have got some real sense of humor. The UI of the game is simple yet engaging and the variety of decks on the app make it creatively fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your game face ready! And just in case if you have played this game already, please let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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