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‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’ And You Could Be Too!

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There’s a very high probability that if you became a Noah Centineo fan after watching ‘To All The Boys I Have Loved Before’, you would have watched ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’ too. Honestly, I did and let me admit that it requires great amount of courage to waste the precious one hour and forty five minutes of your weekend life on a movie like this. I mean, what was I thinking? Another awesome teen movie that will not be a cliché?

The movie opens on a multitude of positive and negative notes showing the contrasting gentry in high school. On one end, there’s this snob yet hot girl and on the other is the hard working too big for her age Sierra Burgess. After feeling helpless for years because of her looks, Sierra Burgess finally gathers all her wits to chat with the guy of her dreams. The sweet dream turns harsh when reality unleashes and Jamey finds out that the girl he has been drooling over for so long is not Veronica, but the unpopular girl Sierra.

Sierra with her friend in room

There’s drama, some more drama, and some more drama in the movie that might help you stay hooked onto it for some time. But sooner or later, you would feel like a loser too for choosing this movie over the millions that are available on the net to watch. The storyline is the usual, acting is decent, and the rate of predictability super high. Where’s the fun? Well, I couldn’t find it. Yet I watched the movie till the end and did feel that despite the looks, there were a lot of other characteristics that made me believe that Sierra Burgess Is A Loser because of her low self esteem, low confidence, and zero to none friends.

Nevertheless, you could still go ahead and watch the movie. After all, this Sierra Burgess Is A Loser review does not reveal anything extraordinary but the most helpful truth. Happy weekend! 😉

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