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‘Little Things’ Is A Must-Watch For Everyone Who’s In A Relationship And Who’s Not

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After a sudden encounter on YouTube when I binge watched the first season of Little Things, I knew that it was a show that I had to make all of my close ones watch. Now the famous Little Things has its second season up and running on Netflix and I feel it’s high time for you to even watch it, if you still haven’t.

Starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal, Little Things features a live-in couple struggling to balance their personal and work life in the dream city of Mumbai. The show encompasses all sorts of arguments, fights, and compassion that two people in love can have over little things.

While it’s true that opposites attract, can the same two opposites live together in harmony? Well, that’s what the show reveals with its sweet and subtle storyline. As far as the actors are concerned, not just the main protagonists but even those who have been casted for the smallest of roles are a shining gold on the screen. The amazing details to every character’s personality along with flawless dialogue delivery is what truly puts life in this show.

Dhruv and Mithila in park

There are of course a lot of moments in the show that make you relate to it for real. Unbelieve but all of us, more or less, sail in the same boat in life. The popular series of Little Things is all about drama in love and the love in drama, and believe me, be what it may, you’d love the show if you really watch it diligently. Oh, of course, there’s good humor too, lots of it!

So, what do you think? Are you moving this show up in your binge watch list? Or have you watched it already? Please let me in the comments below so that we can take our conversation about little things forward!

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