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‘SPF 18’ – The Summer Essential You May Not Need

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Summer breaks are like the most essential vitamin to our soul, mind, and body, and who can understand better than Penny, Johnny, Ash, and Camilia. Busy finding their true identity and dreams, the four end up on a beach house owned by Keanu Reeves and face a rollercoaster of emotions. Whether it is sex, relationship, career, dreams, or family, all is messed up or rather is later realized to be. But is the mess worth watching? Well, read on.

The beach house in Malibu surely looks an art on a canvas of the sea, but the acting of Noah Centineo, Carson Mayer, Bianca Santos, and Jackson White not so much. What starts to come across as a true relationship ends up like a fling when the gorgeous Penny realizes she’s a lot alike Ash and is happier being with him.

spf 18 cast

Overall, the movie comes across as a blend of boring and refreshing so it can really be hard to decide and recommend. As long as the vacation vibes are considered, you’ll surely get jitters, in a good way. So keep your bags ready! The cinematography and storyline of SPF 18 is pretty average and had failed to win hearts until now. But if you believe otherwise, make sure to share your opinion with me in the comments below.

Also, just in case you haven’t watched it yet, please take a risk after this review and see if you can spend 1 hours and 15 minutes on this.

If not anything else, you’d surely love watching the sea in its true glory and at its unparalleled self. What you may not embrace at certain points is appreciating and accepting the fact that Penny believes in so much, i.e. the reel life is better than real!

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