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‘Pet Sematary’ (2019) With A Twist?

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Was It Better Than the First One?

This remake of ‘Pet Sematary’ was much better than the first one, although it did have some slow moments. I thought that this movie was going to go script by script, when in fact it had a twist. In the beginning of the movie the family moved into another house, because the father received a new job opportunity. Louis (Jason Clarke), Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two children all moved in hopes of a better future. Although the place was beautiful, it did come with some flaws and they  were the truck drivers. Also the movie showed a lot of foreshadowing.

Ellie Loves The Cat

The first victim’s life to be taken by the truckers vehicle was Ellie’s (Jete Lawrence) cat Church. However, Ellie didn’t know this it was her neighbor Jud( John Lithgow). He found the cat and told Louis about it and offered to bury the cat with him at the pet cemetery. That night, Jud asked Louis how much Ellie loved the cat and he said so much. Not knowing Jud led Louis to a burial ground for the cat and showed him how to bury it. Louis was confused but Jud insisted that Ellie does love the cat right and he said yes. The next morning Church was found in Ellie’s closet alive and Louis couldn’t believe his eyes. Louis told Jud that the cat is alive and Jud was shocked and said it worked. Jud told him the story how a dog died and was buried there, cam back to life but was consumed with a vicious demeanor.

The Cat

After noticing Church’s horrible, Louis took the cat and dropped him off far into the woods. After that he went back to celebrate Ellie’s birthday. Everyone was having a good time until Ellie saw Church on the road, her little brother also went to the road and Louis noticed it and ran to grab his son before the trucker could get him. However, Ellie wasn’t so lucky and she was hit and killed.


This led Louis to go insane so he went and buried Ellie in the pet cemetery. Next morning she was back but only the father knew. He noticed that his daughter wasn’t the same and had stables in the back of here head. He knew that there was something wrong but he was too damaged to care. After Rachel found out, she didn’t want anything to do with Ellie and ran into a room. Well this infuriated Ellie and she killed her mother and buried her and she became undead as well. Then the mother killed the father and then the little brother.


I actually enjoyed this movie and would recommend any thriller fans to watch it. I loved the twist, because it wasn’t such a happy ending but everyone was back together again just undead.

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