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Is ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Really Worth The Watch?

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Seasons 1-3

I haven’t watched the fourth season because it hasn’t came out on Netflix yet. I thought it would be worth the watch because everyone I knew told me how Drew Barrymore is hilarious in it. So of course I decided to give the show a chance. Watching the first two seasons I have to admit were slow beginnings and wasn’t that great. However, the third season was just starting to peak my attention.

What’s It About?

It’s about this mother named Sheila, a realtor living in Santa Clarita with her family and they were all living a normal life ’til the mother (Drew Barrymore) had the taste for human flesh. Her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) soon found out and was freaked out, but soon became her murder partner throughout the series. Her daughter found out as well and claimed her neighbor figures that the mother is a zombie. As a result, they knew that they had to do something because the mother was getting hungry. So they made a plan that they would kill only bad people, including murderers, nazi activists and anyone who did them wrong.

Where Can I Be A Zombie?

After further investigation they soon found out that Sheila contracted this disease from an Italian restaurant that served clams that were from Serbia’s remote caves. They later found the source from where the clams came from until some unknown person blew up the building. That wasn’t all, Sheila also had to face the Serbian knights who were bounty hunters of flesh eating zombies. So as an attempt to keep her zombie life a secret, her husband joined the Serbian Knights, to keep an eye out for Sheila. After being caught and brought out from the Serbian knights, both Sheila and Joel were out of options. Until their friends found them and saved them. However, when Joel and Sheila were reuniting, Sheila’s little creature that comes out of every zombie, crawled into Joel’s ear canal and killed him. This scared Sheila and as an attempt to save him she bit him so that he would become undead. He opened his eyes and the seasons were complete until next time.


I found the first two seasons to be very dry and they did not capture my attention much. Although the gore was intense, humor and acting was not my cup of tea. However, season three redeemed itself and the show was actually starting to become watchable. If you’re into flesh eating zombies living normal lives then this is the show for you!

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