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GIRLBOSS – 3 Reasons Why You Must Watch It In One Go!

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There is absolutely no denying that shows like Chernobyl, Stranger Things, and the likes are all out there to keep you entertained. While you may learn a thing or two too, there’s nothing better than some shows like Girlboss that can really help you win through everything in life.

Starring Britt Robertson, Ellie Reed, and Johnny Simmons, Girlboss encompasses all the struggles a 20-something year old faces in his or her personal life and career. Of course, life is like a rat race and it is no cake walk to climb to the top of the ladder with buckets of happiness. So, before you see and skip the show, here are three reasons why you must watch Girlboss in one go. Whether you end up liking it or not, you would surely find the key to happiness and success!

1. Real-Life Struggles Of A 20-Something

With so many options these days, it is surely hard to find your calling and make the most apt choice. Even when you do, you may end up realizing like Sophia that you aren’t meant for a desk job. Girlboss highlights similar struggles of modern day’s twenteens and how each one of them can be overcome with much ease. Sophia finds her way with Nasty Gal, fails a multiple number of times and yet learns to begin again!

Sophia in thrift store

2. Relatable Storyline & Characters

Having said that Girlboss features real-life struggles, it is accompanied with relatable storyline and characters too. Whether it is Sophia or her best friend or her online rivals, you can find you in any of the characters. Unlike most shows, the plot is nicely tied up and has no loose ends, leaving you with no disappointment.

3. Unpredictability Prevails

Like most shows that are pretty predictable, Girlboss sways on another tangent. Right when you’d expect something to happen, the opposite of it takes place, leaving you in awe and shock at the same time. Needless to say, it is hard to take sides throughout the runtime of the show. But, you wouldn’t regret watching it.

Having said all of the above in the briefest way possible, I’d be completely honest to admit that there’s a 50-50 chance of you liking the show and not liking it. The reasons for not liking solely depends on your personal interests. But, if you don’t mind welcoming a little inspiration your way then Girlboss is the right show to add to your binge list!

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