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3 Reasons Why ‘On My Block’ Should Be On Your List

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Honestly there is no end to the list of the teen drama television series that one can watch, but there’s definitely an end to the best teen show when it comes to On My Block. Released in March 2018, the show has tremendously garnered fans from all over the globe. Why? Well, the reason is simple. It is not any ordinary teen drama. Now I know that saying this would not be enough. So of all the reasons why you must-must binge watch the two seasons of On My Block right away, here are the major three!

1. Features How True Friendship Wins Through Everything

From Monse supporting Cesar emotionally to Ruby being there for Jamal 24X7, On My Block proves that it is only true friendship that lasts forever and helps win through even the most death defying situations.

Ruby in cafeteria with girls

2. Kick-ass Character Sketch & Acting

Every character from Cesar’s brother to Ruby’s Abuela has been personified beautifully, and not just the main kid stars of the show. What comes across as the main highlight of the show is not just its intriguing storyline, but the impeccable acting by everyone from Jamal to Jasmin.On many levels, you’d feel it it too realistic and relatable, which is another reason that keeps you hooked to the show.

3. Mystery Prevails

Most shows start off by calling themselves a mystery drama show but end up losing their main essence by the next season. Fortunately, On My Block isn’t one. Based in Los Angeles’s South Central which is surrounded by Hispanic and black people, the show has loose ends connected to every character, whether main or not. Not just the whole season, but every episode has a touch of unpredictable mystery to it. And you’re going to cherish it!

So, what do you think? Are you adding On My Block to your list or have you watched it already? Do let me know by commenting down below!

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