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Reed Alexander’s Horror Review of ‘Baskin’ (2015)

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the atmosphere was amazing. God, the atmosphere was spot on. You got the sense that these cops lived in a world of eternal darkness. The acting was also pretty spot on. Even when I missed a subtitle, the emoting was solid fill in the blanks.

Blood Orgy, Yay!

So, I learned something new today. Turk-core is pretty fucking awesome! It might be the only thing good about this movie, though. Honestly, this movie was cheap torture porn. I mean, it was fun when it finally got going, but it took a long fucking time to get there and really, torture porn is kinda lame. After Hostel, it just got played out. Now Saw is 8 fucking movies deep and every other slasher movie turns into torture porn near the end?

I don’t know, it was kinda neat to see a Turkish take on the genre. The cult in the movie reminds me of what a Slaanesh cult might look like from the Warhammer 40k universe. Might be getting too nerdy with my references. Just go to Google images, you’ll get the idea.

So yeah, this movie started off REALLY fucking slow. It never failed my ’30 Minute Rule,’ as something was always happening. It’s just… what happened either didn’t make a lot of sense or was just too fleeting. What happened only seemed to slow up the actual plot, which made it come off as needless padding.

Still, I get what they were going for. They really wanted to establish the characters. You get the feeling from the first half of the movie that each character’s death is central to how they’re presented. A sort of “Let the punishment fit the character.” Only, their deaths are never clearly linked to their characters’ backstory, vices, or hubris.

But the atmosphere was amazing. God, the atmosphere was spot on. You got the sense that these cops lived in a world of eternal darkness. The acting was also pretty spot on. Even when I missed a subtitle, the emoting was solid fill in the blanks. It’s hard to speak to dialogue as I’m not sure how accurate the translations were.

The movie did get a little lost from time to time. It jumped around without warning and more than a couple of times I wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on. A lot of it seemed like they were trying to stuff too many ideas into what should be a simple concept. All this did was muddle things up.

I CAN give this movie my recommendation despite it’s many flaws. These fellows were working with nothing and actually made something that wasn’t total garbage. Perhaps it’s for Horror Heads only, but I think people with a general taste for horror might wanna give this a try.


What the fuck is the point of the time loop in this movie? At one point the squad is barreling down the road in their van and hit some guy. This causes them to run off the road. At the end of the movie, one of the squad gets free and he turns out to be the guy they hit at the beginning of the movie. There was no point to this time loop. I think they were trying to say that this was some sort of fixed point in time? Like, somehow this was all inevitable?

I get the feeling that Turkey hates their police force. These guys came off as bullies; total assholes actually. They’re also all pretty cowardly, save maybe one. Every one of these fuckers walked into that cult with a gun. Only one of them managed to get off a couple of shots and he pretty much shot randomly into the air while covering his head. They would either drop their guns, or draw the damn thing but never grow the balls to use it.

I did like how the cult was clearly evil, but their cult leader spoke about clarity and belonging. In too many movies the cult is just out to destroy the world or feed themselves mindlessly to some monster. Really? What’s your fucking end game? You do understand that you live on the world, right? This movie takes a more subtle approach. Yes, the cultists are almost literally fucking each other to death, yeah they stab out their own eyes, yeah they’re cannibals, yes they are clearly evil, but the cult leader doesn’t speak of evil. He speaks of beauty, he speaks of opening your mind to the universe. “Yeah I know this is all pretty fucked up, but just give in, you’ll see it’s amazing.” I don’t know. That just seems more tangible to me. There’s a desire to give in. It might be kinda terrifying but it also might seem like it could be okay on the other side of things.

PS: If you hadn’t already guessed, in my best Morbo impressions, say it with me now, “THERE WERE NO SURVIVORS!” I mean, with the whole time loop thing they kill off the only guy that gets away. Not that I can figure out what the fucking point of that was. But this is why I think torture porn is kinda lame. It’s just trying to be as gross as possible to see who it can freak out. Kinda like a five year old chasing his friend around with a dead frog on stick. The first guy is fucked to death, almost like a hoard of over sexed zombies. The second guy is slowly disemboweled. The third guy has his eyes cut out, is forced to have sex with this weird demon lady, then gets his mind burned out by the cult leader. But then the next guy just gets his throat cut and you almost get the sense that they just ran out of ideas. “What do we do now? Iduhfuckenknow, maybe just have the cult leader cut open his throat, and bathe in his blood… I’m bone dry, I got nothing man.” It just gets to a point where you’re like, ‘what now?’ At that point you either go full “A Serbian Film” or you go home. And now that we have A Serbian Film, there’s no place left to go. You can’t unfuck that aborted baby.

But yeah, after this movie gets over its initial hump, it actually gets kinda interesting. Not terrible original but it was smart with what it used. I give this my recommendation.

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