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5 Spanish Songs That Ought To Be On Your Star List

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Everything from Hindi romantic songs to American pop and rock is on one side and the soothing soul-stirring Spanish music on another. There’s literally no dearth of individual songs or albums on YouTube once you begin to search. But with so many songs by Enrique, Daddy Yankee, Louis Fonsi, Marc Anthony, J Balvin, and other magical musicians, it can be a tough task for you to pick songs for your topshot playlist. The point is, whether you’re making one or already have one, here are these 5 songs that ought to be on your list at any cost!

1. Bailando by Enrique Iglesias

Part of the album ‘Sex And Love’, Bailando is a popular Spanish song by Enrique Iglesias. The song might be old, but its music is forever refreshing. Believe me, whether you’re driving or just napping, this song will make you want to grab the hand of your loved one or crush and move along with the rhythms.

2. Mi Gente by J. Balvin

Whether you’re at a party or hip hopping in your own room, this all-time-famous song by J.Balvin and Willy William will leave you grooving at your best. A remix of Voodoo Song, this number continues to be everyone’s favorite till date.

3. Despacito by Luis Fonsi

Believe it or not, irrespective of how many times you have already listened to this song, it has to be on your list! Thanks to this song, Spanish pop music finally came to our notice again. A mix of latin pop and reggaeton, the song highlights the romance and lust that surrounds a sexual relationship. Be what it may, this will surely drive you loca!

4. Con Calma by Daddy Yankee

If you’ve been looking for the latest Latin urban hit, your search ends here. After delivering hits like Dura and Shaky Shaky, Con Calma is the latest addition to the singer’s list of trending songs. The music has gained popularity as an uptempo reggaeton highlighting the woman who can work her charm with her dance. I can bet, once you start listening to this, you’d play it on loop.

5. Taki Taki by DJ Snake

Released last year in September, Taki Taki is another popular hit that took the world of music lovers by storm. A perfect mix of Spanish and English, Taki Taki is a reggaeton and moombahton song by DJ Snake, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, and Ozuna.

Besides these, there is Eres Tu, Vivir Mi Vida, Me Gustas Tu, Dura, Subeme La Radio, Solo, and a lot more songs that should be a part of your list!

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