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‘Stuber’ -Nanjiani and Bautista make a great duo!

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If you want to go to a movie that will have you laughing, while also giving you some good action scenes, then go watch Stuber. Yes, the plot and scenes can be a bit predictable, but this movie is for those people such as myself, who enjoy a good laugh. If the producers were looking for two actors who could combine comedy and action together, then they were successful. Kumail Nanjiani (Stu) plays the naive and scared Uber driver, while Dave Bautista (Vic) is the no nonsense tough cop. Their chemistry works well, and they present a fine comedic performance, mixed with a fair amount of action scenes.

The basic premise of the movie is about an unlikely duo, teaming up to defeat the villain. Vic (Batista) is the tough guy detective who is after a drug dealing cop killer, and cannot drive because of recent eye surgery. So, what should a guy like Vic do? Well, call an Uber of course! Actually, his daughter, Nicole (Natalie Morales) shows him how to do this. This is when the fun begins. Stu (Nanjiani), is the nervous Uber driver who is worried about a low ride rating. Unfortunately for him, this is about to be the least of his worries. Soon, the unlikely pair are after the bad guy, with Vic’s urging of course. From here, the two encounter settings such as a male strip club and Korea town in Los Angeles as they pursue the killer. Poor Stu keeps attempting to lose his rider, but finds himself back in the game over and over again.

Stuber is a slapstick comedy that combines action with humor. Did I mention it was also quite violent? With all of this combined, and Bautista and Nanjiani working together on the hunt, you will be pleased as long as you’re not looking for an original type of comedic action movie. If you are seeking a predictable action comedy that gives you a good amount of laughs, then Stuber is the movie for you.

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