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‘Pihu’ A True Story Film Worth Watching

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Just Like Any Other Day

Pihu, a two year old daughter who just had celebrated her 2nd birthday with her mom, dad and family. The party was extravagant because the family was very well off as the father was a business man. However, no one would have ever thought something so heart-wrenching as to what happens the next morning.

The Next Day

The father left on a plane the next morning for work, leaving Pihu still sleeping in bed. The movie plays out in Pihu’s eyes and her point of view from the moment she opened her eyes. As she starts to wake up she noticed her mother was still laying in bed and she tries to wake up her up. After many attempts to wake her up the phone rings. Through out the beginning of the movie her father would call and Pihu would tell him that she’s sleeping. Well that morning before her father left he was hitting her and say vulgar things to Pihu’s mother and basically said over the phone that he wishes Pihu’s mother was dead.

When Pihu tried to get her mother’s attention, you can see that the mother had blood and wounds on her face and mouth as well as grip marks on her wrist. Pihu started to cry as she couldn’t get her mom to wake up and then a bottle of medicine fell out of the overdosed mother’s hand and spilt on the ground. Pihu then proceeded to try to pick it all up.

Through out the movie it shows Pihu in many situations where she could have been brutally injured or even killed. For instance, she was trying to heat naan bread over an open fire and even tried to retrieve her doll that she threw over the balcony. Luckily, when a neighbor from another building saw her and yelled at her to get down nicely.

The Calls

Finally the father thought that the mother was mad at him and thats why Pihu would tell him that she’s sleeping. However, another check up call lead him concerning and then panicking when Pihu told her dad that mom’s gone. During this time the iron was still on and burning, the faucet was still running and the stove was still on leaving electricity shortages and shortage outbreaks through out the building complex. Leaving concerning and angry neighbors constantly getting security. While that was happening, Pihu’s father begged her to stay on the phone as she went up stairs to check on her mom. When the phone died Pihu was back to her old curious ways and decided to try as she called it “bitter medicine.” Taking enough to knock her out. When the father took an emergency flight back home he could not believe his eyes when he opened that door. Panicking he runs upstairs only to see his wife dead on the bed and his daughter under the bed playing legos.

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