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‘Crawl’- Hurricanes and gators equal terror!

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If you ever needed another reason to evacuate an alligator infested area during a hurricane, then watch Crawl. The scenario is plausible – the special effects are highly realistic -the terror is real! Is there anything else you need in a horror movie? By now, you can discern that Crawl is a summer horror flick you need to see. Director, Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes), presents us with a frightening situation that no sane person would want to be a part of. Prepare yourself for multiple jumps and scares throughout the movie as you scream, “Behind you!” at the screen.

The plot for the movie is basic but convincingly scary. Set in rural Florida, a hurricane is approaching and the call to evacuate has been made. The main character of the movie, Haley (Kaya Scodelario), is on her college’s swim team, and struggles to be the winner. She constantly falls short and this plays into the drama of the movie. Her sister calls her and is worried about their father who is not answering his phone. He is divorced from their mother and lives a bit of a sad life. Haley has not spoken to him for awhile, but decides to check on him anyways. This leads her to drive right into the hurricane to go investigate why her father has not been answering her phone calls. Soon enough, she finds her father (Barry Pepper), and the struggle begins. They are trapped in the basement of his home with hungry gators, and rising flood waters. Time is running out for them to escape this horrendous situation. It’s a struggle to survive for Haley and her father.

I highly enjoyed watching Crawl. Be prepared for multiple jump scares throughout the movie. The tension is high as father and daughter must beat the clock, and hungry gators to survive. The plot and the special effects were realistic. I wonder if some of the alligators were actually real. It’s a modern day Jaws but with gators. The next time you hear a call to evacuate from a hurricane, you will remember Crawl and high tail it out of there!

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