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Always Be My Maybe – The Movie You Shouldn’t Watch At All

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There’s so much to watch and stream online these days that we can never really run out of options. However, here we are looking for yet another to freshen our minds and soothe our souls. Thanks to Amazon Prime and Netflix, there are plenty of new shows and movies to pick from. One such is a Netflix Original ‘Always Be My Maybe’ featuring Ali Wong, Randall Park, and James Saito.

Revolving around the 15-year old friendship between Sasha, who is now a grown up woman and a famous chef and her childhood hometown buddy Marcus, who is a musician at heart, this movie is nothing but a waste of time. I thought something new awaited me the moment I started watching it, but I the whole story eventually made me hate myself for wasting my 1 hour and 42 minutes. Always, I couldn’t fathom the reason why Keanu Reeves agreed to act in the movie.

Sasha and Marcus on the road

The acting is not impressive, and neither is the story. To be honest, it is way too bland and predictable. Now who likes watching romcoms and dramas that are so predictable. Not us, right? What I mistakenly understood to be a hopelessly romantic movie that will make me feel a bit guilty and good at the same time turned out to be a total boring flick. What would you have done in such a case? Pause and close the movie? Well, I didn’t. I have this weird OCD of finishing up everything I start watching, more because I like to help you guys make a better and smarter choice in life. So, here’s one for you, do not watch this movie, unless you’re too idle and have about two hours to kill.

Now this is just my side of the review. What about you? Have you watched this movie on Netflix yet? What is your opinion on the storyline and its character sketch? Please let me know in the comments below because I’d love the know how you feel and chat up about it!

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