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‘Spiderman: Far From Home’ Review

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In all honesty, Spider-man: Far From Home was at a disadvantage due to its release date. Opening after Marvel’s biggest movie yet, it is not realistic to expect the latest Spider-man movie to meet the bar that has been set. Add in the emotions Marvel fans are feeling after losing multiple superheroes in Avengers: End Game. For these reasons, don’t expect Spider-man: Far From Home to blow you away. What you can expect is to watch a teenager endowed with super powers trying to adapt to his new responsibilities. Without his mentor still around, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) must find a way to grow up fast and be strong enough to defeat the newest villain, while at the same time, balancing his personal life.

The latest Marvel installment does tie up some loose ends left from Avengers: End Game. One such question that needed answering, was, “What happened to all of the people who were eliminated by the snap?” The answer is that five years after they disappeared, they just reappeared without aging a minute in the great “Blip.” That’s what the world is calling the event. We also learn why we have a new villain and his reasoning for trying to destroy millions of people. This villain has a history with Tony Stark and it’s this excuse he uses to justify his evil ambitions. I do not like to give away spoilers so I will leave it at that.

Spiderman: Far From Home has Peter Parker struggling with creating a relationship with the girl he loves and his responsibility to defeat evil. He’s just a kid who wants to enjoy himself on a field trip to Europe, and reveal his love to MJ (Zendaya). Instead, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) follows him to convince him to team up with a new super hero who has appeared on the scene. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) tells his new friends that he is from a parallel universe and has come to fight the Elementals that destroyed his own home, and are now threatening Earth. From here, there are multiple twist and turns in the plot of the movie, that are sprinkled with high school level humor.

At times, the humor was just too childish to laugh at, and I found this to be one problem with the latest Marvel movie. My next reason for criticism is due to the mistakes Peter kept making in this movie. I found it to be so frustrating how the writers made him to be so incompetent. He is supposed to be a genius in school, so why make him out to be so oblivious to what is going on around him? Besides these complaints, I found Spiderman: Far From Home to be worth watching. Just do not expect it to be anywhere close to the level of Avengers: End Game and you will have a fine experience.

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