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‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Good Movie To Watch On Rainy Days

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The Internet

Although this movie was released last year, it’s still a great movie to watch with the kids or by yourself. That’s what great about movies, you’ll never miss the chance to watch them. If you haven’t watched the first ‘Reck It Ralph’ then I advise you should before watching the second movie.

The scene starts out with our two main adventurers, Ralph and Vanellope doing their usual tasks as being game characters at an arcade. The movie itself almost has a toy story vibe where when the humans are gone the toys come to life. Well it’s a lot like this case where the game characters come to life and have their own little world. However, when a sudden spin on Vanellope’s game breaking down, her and the other game characters of that arcade game went homeless.

In hopes of saving her game and not having it shut down forever, Ralph and Vanellope had to go to the internet to get the broken part for her system. When they stumbled upon Ebay, they found the original piece to Vanellope’s game however there was another obstacle and they had to get money to pay for it. But if they can’t fork up the money in a certain amount of time then they are forced to let it go and the piece will be gone forever.

The two had to go through many obstacles like stealing a car from a dangerous game for a crooked advertiser. Doing trending videos for a streaming site and anything else they could do to get $27,001 in the next 24 hours.


Of course like every other kids movie out there, there was a happy ending and they reached the targeted amount and Vanellope was able to save her game. However…it did not stop there. While Vanellope was at that dangerous game, she soon found out that she loved it and didn’t want to go back to her old game even though Ralph went through all of that work to save it. As a result this grew Ralph to seethe of jealousy and he went to the black web to get a virus to “destroy” the game Vanellope wanted to stay in. When the virus got out of hand it started to destroy other games and other websites that were in it’s way, resulting in the internet in the real world to shut down. The virus was feeding off of Ralph’s insecurities because he was jealous and clingy towards Vanellope. Resulting the virus to grow more and more.

However, after realizing how foolish he looked when the virus was copying him his insecurities went away and so did the virus. After that everything went back to normal and the game was saved and Ralph went back home while Vanellope still did visits to go to the internet.

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