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‘I Feel Pretty’, And You Will Too After Watching This Movie On Netflix

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We all have our concerns when it comes to our color, hair, body shape, weight, height, and basically everything that’s been set as a parameter in the society to decide who is pretty and who is not. Much similar to us is Renee, played by Amy Schumer who had been living a pretty low life because of her overweight body and self-doubting personality. But a lot changes right after she has a spin class accident. Now a lot of reviews on Google would suggest you to not watch Netflix’s I Feel Pretty. But believe me, the reviews are what you must ignore, not this movie!

Every bit of the movie would boost a new level of confidence in you and help you relate with it. At last, you’d only feel prettier, more confident, and fearless in life, much like Renee.

Renee looking in mirror in I Feel Pretty

Unlike most movies, I Feel Pretty has a perfect blend of drama, emotions, and comedy that doesn’t go overboard. There are scenes that will make you appreciate Renee’s character, and there are scenes where you’d want to get up and shake her up back to reality. All in all, you will have your perfect moments of laughter and tears throughout the runtime of the movie. This movie will make you feel everything but regret.

The storyline is pretty realistic without the movie seeming too cliché, every actor’s acting is fantabulous, and the plot is intriguing. If I had to rate the movie out of 5, I’d give it a 4, seriously. So, do not read what the internet says, except of course this review!

So, hold that thought and go stream I Feel Pretty on your Netflix right away. And just in case you have watched it, please let me know your what you think about the movie and if you liked it or not in the comments down below.

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