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Why You Shouldn’t Swipe Right To ‘Swiped’, The Noah Centineo Flick

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There’s no denying that our’s is a generation living with complicated relationships. While some are hopeless romantics looking for their Mr. Right, others have adapted to a so called modern day culture of hook ups. While it’s eventually an individual’s choice, the movie by director Ann Deborah Fishman is up on Netflix to bring you back home if you’re on one of those in the latter.

Swiped features our all time favorite Noah Centineo, Kendall Ryan Sanders, and Nathan Gamble. The college flick is all about an intelligent nerdy guy moving in with a stud like Noah who plays the role of Lance, and how the two end up together in making one of the most disruptive non-dating apps. The movie takes a couple of predictable turns when the good guy James learns that the only way to feel connected is by knowing someone and who they really are and dating them, and not just by hooking up with them.

Lance Wesley in swiped

While sex is an essential need for each being, it’s not the only or a single way to feel love in the 21st century. Now lessons apart, the movie really has nothing special in store for us. Honestly, I swiped right to Swiped exactly at the moment when I saw it features Noah Centineo because I was really hoping for the actor to come through and leave me amused with his acting. He rather didn’t. There’s not much for Noah to act in the movie and that’s exactly what you’ll feel too. So, I suggest you rather you skip it and save your one and a half hours.

So, what do you think? Have you watched Swiped yet? If yes, do let me know your opinion in the comments below and we can have our little critics’ chat right here!

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