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‘What/If’ is no ‘Indecent Proposal’

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What/If is a 10 part series on Netflix that tells the Indecent Proposal story again 26 years later, but from a different perspective. The roles played by Robert Redford, Demi Moore, and Woody Harrelson, have been switched with the opposite sex. In What/If an “indecent proposal” is the main story being told, but is accompanied with two other conflicts that two other couples must endure. I’ll be honest, I saw Indecent Proposal at the drive in theater in 1993 (yes I am that old), and What/If does not meet the bar set by that movie. What it does do, is act out three situations (two being realistic), that will have the viewer contemplating what they might do if they were facing each dilemma.

Renee Zellweger plays Anne Montgomery, the venture capitalist who will do anything, and hurt anyone to be insanely successful. She is a multi-millionaire who is the catalyst and femme fatal of the series. She invests in the startup company, Emigren Molecular Sequencing, that was created by Lisa Donovan (June Levy) because her sister died of a curable form of Leukemia. Soon, Lisa and her ex-major league baseball player husband, Sean (Blake Jenner) are in over their heads in debt and about to lose the company. In walks Anne Montgomery to save the day! For whatever reason, she offers to invest in the company when no one else would, but there is a catch. Lisa and Sean must agree to let Sean spend one evening with Anne. No one but Sean and Anne will know about the events of the evening, and a contract is written up that stipulates, Sean cannot discuss the evening with anyone, or else the investment is null and void. I won’t spoil the series for you here but I am sure you can figure out what happens next.

As a side-note, there are two other stories also taking place, that the viewer may actually find more interesting. Sean’s friend and fellow paramedic, Todd (Keith Powers), is married to Angela (Samantha Marie Ware). Angela has an affair with the chief surgeon and becomes pregnant. Now their dilemma begins. The third couple includes Marcos (Juan Costano) and Lionel (John Clarence Stewart). They have a menage a trois with a male stripper and must face the consequences afterwards. Now you know why I mentioned that these two stories are more realistic.

Netflix’s original series, What/If relives the Indecent Proposal of 1993 from a different perspective. It also adds two other stories to keep the show somewhat interesting. I found the acting and storyline to be less than stellar and a bit predictable. What/If is unlikely to be at the top of any binge watching list, but it will suffice if you are interested in seeing how these three conflicts play out.

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