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The Last Summer – The Last Thing You Should Watch This Summer

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One good movie at a time is usually what gets us through the monotonous routine of our lives in the urban neighborhood. While some movies turn out to be more awesome than one expects it to be, some turn out exactly the opposite. The Last Summer is one such movie that I unfortunately ended up watching at the start of this summer. So, I thought, I should help you save your precious 1 hour and 49 minutes.

Starring Tyler Posey, Maia Mitchell, and K.J. Apa, this flick is based on high school students from Chicago who are prepping up for their college lives by making the most of their last summer. They take trips, party, try to find their true calling, and win over the hearts of their girls for the one last time. Now, mostly a movie like this can sound nostalgic and fun, but it felt like neither to me.

kissing scene in pool

The acting seemed pretty dull and the storyline couldn’t convince me too. It’s an absolutely cliché or worse than that, and this is the brutal truth. I was on a two day rant after watching it because it felt like I wasted my Sunday on something that didn’t deserve my attention at all. But thanks to me, you can totally skip this movie unless you believe in drafting your own reviews.

So, by any fluke, have you watched The Last Summer already? What’s your opinion about it? Please share it in the comments below and am sure that by the end of our conversation, we would be able to learn how to agree to disagree. Because with all sincerity, this is the last movie that you should be watching this summer, or maybe not even the last!

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