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Miley Cyrus’s New Song ‘Mother’s Daughter’ Has A Catchy Message

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Spin On Speaking Out

It seems that lately every pop icon is using their fame as a platform for spreading messages of controversies today. Miley Cyrus’s new song just aired days ago has been receiving more positive feedback since it’s speaking out to females and gender-non-conforming bodies in all shapes and sizes. She portrays in her video that it’s perfectly fine to look “different” and we should embrace it.


The Spin

While watching the video, all I could think of is latex galore and an American Horror Story inspiration. The video shows plus size women, transgenders, and of course Miley in a red latex get-up performing contortions.


I liked the thought of body positivity and loving who you are, but I wished Miley showed it in a different way. The video was all over the place, and from my point of view it looked liked she was making fun of these women, and yet she wasn’t. She made the video in her own Miley way and made it a little cringy to watch. Props were used disturbingly and she held herself inappropriately in the video. Watch the video and see if you agree!

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