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‘Family Food Fight’ is no ‘Master Chef’

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ABC’s new show, Family Food Fight, which also streams on Hulu, is the American version of an Australian family cooking show with the same name. Ayesha Curry, the multi-talented wife of NBA star, Stephen Curry, is the executive producer and main host of the show. Joining her as culinary judges are five star Michelin chef, Graham Norton, and the first woman inductee in the Culinary Hall of Fame, Cat Cora. Master Chef fans will recognize Norton as that show’s polite and lovable judge. He brings that same persona to Family Food Fight.

Let the Competition Begin!

The Lee family compete. ABC/Eric McCandless

The show’s concept is simple. Eight families compete in a culinary competition to be crowned the best family cooks and win $100,000. Each of the first two episodes has four families squaring off for one of the three competition tables. This leaves one family eliminated on each of the first two nights. The families consist of three members. Combinations include a mother and two daughters, three brothers, cousins, and parents with a daughter. After they finish cooking their meal, it is presented to the judges for evaluation, who are much more supportive than Gordon Ramsey would be.

It is a Family Show

The judges, Graham Norton, Cat Cora, and Ayesha Curry ABC/Eric McCandless

If you disapproved of the harsh interactions on Master Chef among judges and contestants, then you will find Family Food Fight to be a pleasant alternative. Curry, Norton, and Cora, are supportive of the cooks, and offer calm critiques combined with culinary advice for improvement. At one moment, when the judges were judging an under-cooked chicken dish, they simple reminded the cook to use a meat thermometer. Just imagine Gordon Ramsey’s response. Can you hear the expletives? Added to this, we watch families work together and share their histories with us, so we can be more connected with them.

If you are looking for a cut-throat culinary competition with judges who can be harsh, you will not find it here. Instead, you will find families working together, sharing their culture, and competing for the prize. How you judge Family Food Fight, will depend on what you prefer to watch. For me, I enjoy Master Chef, but at the same time, I found Family Food Fight to be surprisingly pleasant, and enjoyable.

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