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Degrassi Next Class – The Teen Show You Need To Watch In Your 20’s

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Well, we all face midlife crisis, high school love life problems, health issues, and a lot more while growing up. The toughest challenge though is choosing between our relationship and dream in our teenage age. Bringing under the spotlight quite adequately is Netflix’s very own Degrassi Next Class series. A show of total four seasons until now has the power of leaving you all nostalgic and enlightened at the same time.

The show centers around high school students, all of whom are struggling with different challenges in life such as heartbreaks, finding one’s own identity, admitting and accepting one’s own sexual preferences, losing out on dream opportunities whilst struggling to find new, and lots more. The storyline is engrossing and the character sketch quite amusing. At one point or another, you’d end up relating with every person in the show, whether it’s Zoe or Maya or Tristan.

Tristan with a baby

Why you need to watch it? Well, the reason is quite simple. What I felt is that we live in a life that’s full of our 9 to 5 or 8 to 4 monotonous and stressful stories and we somewhere lose out on the main focus in our lives which should actually be on following our dreams and enjoying every moment to the fullest. Degrassi’s Next Class and its students will unintentionally end up teaching you exactly that!

Whether you’re a binge watcher or not, you like teenage romcoms and dramas or not, you will surely end up sad and sulking once you watch the last episode of season 4 of the show. I’m still waiting for more episodes or next season to come though. Don’t know if it ever will, but I recently learnt that hope is good!

What about you? Have you watched Netflix’s Degrassi Next Class yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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