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Madonna’s Chilling Message In Her New Song ‘God Control’

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Madonna has always been a world renowned pop artist. Her new hit single just aired hours ago and has captured quite the attention in the news already. So why is this one music video so controversial right now?

Viewer Disclaimer

Before the music video even begins, a viewer disclaimer appears and shares that there will be acted out gun violence and deaths. If you have a sensitive stomach then you may want to pass on watching this video. Even though what is depicted is acted out, it’s based upon actual real events that happened in history and today.

Will Never Forget

Madonna plays two characters. She portrays a civilian who was regretfully involved in a mass shooting, and a disgruntled private investigator who describes the case. The latter part of the video shows real news events with students describing the amount of children killed in the Arizona school shooting. It also shows the amount of Americans killed yearly from the gun violence which is a chilling 36,000 lives each year.

What Side Are You On?

I think with all of the controversies today, celebrities such as Madonna are taking a positive stand for what they believe in. Using their popularity as a platform to spread the awareness is a great idea. Hearing all of these devastating acts of mass shootings in schools, churches, synagogues and other public gatherings is heart wrenching. In my opinion, I believe there should be stricter gun laws. Certain limitations on weapons and stricter security in these public gatherings would be beneficial. What side are you on???


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