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‘Holey Moley’ I Love Miniature Golf!

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Caddyshack Meets Miniature Golf

Whoever conceived the idea of Holey Moley, must have been a fan of Caddyshack, miniature golf, and had watched episodes of Wipeout on ABC. That may have been Stephen Curry, the executive producer of the show, and guest celebrity. The new gameshow, which airs Thursday nights on ABC, and streams on Hulu, is full of slapstick comedy while also presenting a serious competition where the winner goes home with $25,000. They also receive a green comical looking plaid jacket and a left-handed golden putter. You can see the mixture of humor and gravity in the situation.

Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle commentating. Getty Images

12 contestants begin each episode vying for the money and props. Some take the challenge seriously, while others appear dressed to go to a Comic-Con party, while using goofy one-liner jokes to amuse others. Well, one contestant dressed as a lumberjack had me snickering when he said, “Fart!” after missing a shot. I guess that’s the child coming out of me. There are three rounds with the winner going on to the next round. They must compete while overcoming obstacles and distractions such as rolling logs and none other than Kenny G playing sweet mini-golf music.

At the same time, commentary is provided by Monday Night Football’s Joe Tessitore and comedian, Rob Riggle. Their chemistry is good and they have their own moments of humor for the audience, and each other. Riggle reacts to the action with comments such as, “Apparently, she’s never made love in her entire life” after a player does not recognize Kenny G. Tessitiore attempts a more professional approach, but can’t help laughing at times to his partner’s antics.

It’s a Hole-in-one! Right?

Stephen Curry participating in the action. Getty Images

The show combines childish humor with competition to find the right combination for people like me. If you enjoy watching shows that do not take everything seriously, but at the same time, provides a watchable struggle between competitors, then Holey Moley is for you. On the other hand, if you wear a Polo shirt and take golf way too seriously, then turn the channel my friend.

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