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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Finale – Is This The Ending We Deserved?

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We have been loyal watchers of the wall, the north, and all the seven kingdoms in total. Probably more than the directors of the classic HBO show. Season after season, we were taken by surprises and left with our jaws dropped, quite literally! But what happened to Season 8? We waited for a whole year for it to come, and it left us mourning and cribbing big time.

There’s a lot that went wrong with Season 8 as a whole than just its ending. To start with, the Night King deserved a more terrible death, Lord Varys should have stayed alive, Euron Greyjoy deserved a horrendous death probably by his own nephew or niece. And don’t even get me started on Cersei’s and Jamie’s death. Like seriously? The woman goes killing zillions of innocent people in the whole show and she dies in the arms of her lover, so discreetly and calmly? No Way! I demand a Season 8 remake!

dragon and night king

But just like there is a good side to everything, Game Of Thrones Season 8 had a couple of them too. I loved the way how Jon Snow finally knew something and stabbed the love of his life for the love of his people. Our favorite woman was going crazy, come on! The last dragon burnt the throne to ashes, which was the most ultimate thing to do, and of course a slap on everyone’s faces too. There’s much more in the world than just acquiring a throne and taking lives, people!
Last but not the least, Brandon Stark acquiring the six kingdoms. While it may not be everyone’s favorite moment, but let’s remember, good things come to those who least expect them. Also, it was the least expected ending and totally contrary to the fan theories.

But the point is, didn’t we deserve a better ending? Didn’t the show end and yet felt incomplete? What are your thoughts and feelings about this? Do drop in a comment and let me know!

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