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50 Shades Of Riverdale – An Honest Review

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Much opposite to the characters in the series, Riverdale, I ran away from the show every time I looked for something new on the app and came across it. However, I had a change of thought and decided to give it a shot. I started with the first episode and couldn’t find much to amuse myself. But the addiction got to me one episode after another. Well, that’s Riverdale for you!

Centered around highschool kids living in a town called Riverdale, the series is darker than the 50 Shades Of Grey and all the other similar tones on the palate and on the internet. One after another, there is a chain of danger and threats that environ the town every time a good day passes. However, the best thing is that the characters are bold, their acting even bolder.

It would be too difficult for you to pick one when it would come to deciding who’s your favorite. Veronica is smart and has her own charm of getting things done. Archie never gives up and so does Betty. Girls are stronger than they are perceived to be by the society and the character sketch of Betty Cooper is a classic example of that.

Veronica Archie in jungle

Whether it’s the mystery of The Black Hood or The Gargoyle King, the show has its own dark way of keeping a viewer addicted. Believe me or not, you would agree too. I spoke to a few fellow viewers and they couldn’t disagree. However, the show does slow down in between and might bore you a bit. But all in all, it’s a must-watch. So, if you haven’t watched Riverdale yet, what are you waiting for really?

Netflix has an abundance of series that you can binge watch, but after this Riverdale review, watching the show would feel nothing less than satisfaction. You’ll get addicted and you won’t even realize. Now isn’t that the true charm of a show?

Have you already watched Riverdale? Enticed to see the mystery of The Gargoyle King unveil? Drop in a comment and we can have a quick chat about the plausible theories!

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